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Telecube Wiki

Welcome to Telecube Pty Ltd Wiki.

This Wiki covers everything related to software, hardware, configurations, standards, tips and tricks and everything else related to Telecube VOIP.

Your contributions are welcome. If you have ideas for features or services that would be useful to you, ideas that would make Telecube better, email us at

Getting Started: A Quick Guide

Getting Started
Create your account You can create an account for free by clicking Here. To sign up, please enter the information required and click submit. After signing up you will receive an email to confirm your email address and validate the account.
Adding Funds This is a pre-paid service and the amount added will be reflected in the Account Balance found in the Accounting area in the customer portal. Here are ways on how to make a payment. Calls are billed per second.
Outgoing calls If you intend to use Telecube services for the purpose of making calls, you will first need to add digital VOIP extensions, click here. Then, decide a device or softphone to use. You can use any type of software or device (unlocked) which support SIP protocols including free softphones such as Cloud Softphone, X-Lite Softphone, Zoiper Softphone and Hardware VoIP phones . Softphones like Cloud softphone are downloadable apps, which you can setup on your mobile phones or pc. Once you have defined what equipment you will use with the service, you will need to configure it using the credentials provided when creating the account and the extensions. For specific device configuration, please see our voip-device-configs: section.
Incoming Calls Add new 1300/1800 numbers or port your existing 1300/1800 Numbers; you can also add new Local Numbers (DID) or port your existing DIDs.
International Calls Any call outside of Australia is treated as an international call and is not enabled by default. Read more about it here.
Shop Click here to shop for Yealink, Cisco and other hardware phones. Check our available digital items too.
Support Call 13 28 23 or +61 3 9097 7770 from 9am to 5pm weekdays or email any time.